Ecology in our dental practice

When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.
Benjamin Franklin

The environmental impact we have as a society is becoming a major social issue today and many people are trying to take an active role in improving this situation. Roots on Whyte Dental hopes to lead the dental industry in reducing their impact on the environment by incorporating different aspects of ecological sustainability into the practice.

Firstly, the construction of the new Roots on Whyte clinic was done using environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

  • Environmentally aware paints and finishes
  • Renewable pine resin Marmoleum flooring
  • Efficient dry vacuum dental suction system
  • Recycled content ceiling tiles that also filter 90% of the aldahydes from the air
  • Renewable wool carpeting
  • Recycled content counter tops

Secondly, the dental materials and processes we use in the clinic reflect our ecological approach to dentistry.

  • Paperless practice through computer charting and email/text patient communications
  • Recycled content dental uniforms
  • Eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Suction tips from recycled materials
  • Digital x-rays with no need for toxic developing solutions
  • Non-chemical steam sterilization
  • Amalgam separator to keep removed mercury out of the water supply

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